Monday, January 17, 2011


it might feel like the middle of winter, probably because it is, but that doesn't stop me from thinking about spring.  as a matter of fact, it makes me think of it more.  

so, who couldn't use a little spring-me-up?  
(get it, instead of pick-me-up, ha, ha!)

i have two sets of two 5x5 prints of bougainvillea flowers I am giving away. 

we have these pictures hanging in our kitchen and the colors just make me happy; i want to spread a little happiness! 

this drawing will be open until January 31st!  

so, just leave a comment below.  and, if your name is drawn, i'll get you these prints shipped off to you at the beginning of february.  the images are printed  by my professional lab on metallic paper and so they have a pretty shimmer and to them.

remember, spring is just around the corner!

for extra entries tell your friends and have them enter and "follow me" then, leave a comment letting me know you suggested my blog to them!

tanks so much!



  1. Karie Stark Lee, you have always been great at spreading happiness!!! <3 you -Andrea Brack Young

  2. Wow. That is so pretty. : ) Count me in : )

  3. My first time visiting your 'blogspot' but it won't be my last...simply amazing! ~Kassandra Madril (AKA Tyler's Mom)

  4. Hey Karie! They are gorgeous, as I would expect from you! I'd love to win, and have you deliver them personally! I miss you.

  5. Ooooooh, Karie, those are so pretty :-) They would add a little bit of sunshine to my not so sunny home in the Seattle area.

  6. Beautiful pictures! It's been so cold and snowy here the last few weeks, it's good to be reminded that spring is coming soon! Laura (Ford) Chambless

  7. Amazing Karie, just like all your work is! I agree with Jenny...a personal delivery would be wonderful! :) Miss you girl!

  8. Those are beautiful (and would look great in the girls' room)!
    Looking forward to March :).

  9. I love those Karie! I know I could find a spot for them. :)