Friday, June 24, 2011

. . . up-close

over at Kim Klassen Cafe, they are focusing on the fact that "beauty is in the  eye of the beholder."  so, we are to find something that most people wouldn't think is beautiful and shoot it up-close so that others can see it's beauty.  

this little guy meets me in the morning when i take the trash to the large curb can.  from far away, not a pretty sight, but up-close, i think it is quite spectacular!

hope on over to Kim Klassen Cafe to see some more up-close beauty!

Kim Klassen Café

Monday, June 20, 2011

. . . sleepy baby "b"

this little guy was simply the sleepiest guy i've ever seen . . . a complete dream!  

i know his mama is proud and for GOOD reason, he is absolutely precious, adorable, and wonderful!


what a divine way to spend a morning . . . 

wish i could have kept him

although, i do enjoy my sleep, quite well.

. . . simply gorgeous!

i must be the most blessed photographer on the face of this earth as i have so many simply gorgeous clients . . . they make ME look good.  HA!  i'll take it though.  

case-in-point, look at the last session i shot. . . .

gorgeous . . . huh?  

all i had to do is show up; well, perhaps a little more, but not much!

Monday, June 6, 2011

. . . i ❤ faces (from a distance)

on april 30, 2011, riddled with cancer, my father took his last breath as he passed from this world into heaven.  this picture was taken less than 10 months ago and is the last time our boys were able to play and be rambunctious with their papa.  although i miss him and still feel like he is "hiding" somewhere, i will always treasure pictures like this that remind me what a vibrant, loving, fun, happy and a truly wonderful man (i could go on. . . and on) he was on this earth.  i am so blessed to have had him as a father and that my children were able to have this precious time with him.  
the rate at which the cancer overtook my daddy's flesh is astounding . . . take pictures, take LOTS of pictures, you just never know what could happen and that moment you just captured, with that one little click of your camera, can never be relived, never.

to see more pictures "from a distance", head on over to i ❤ faces, where you will see a lot of wonderful pictures! 

I Heart Faces - Photo Challenges, Tutorials and Tips