Sunday, October 31, 2010

another fall day . . .

another fall day for everyone in the south . . . stuck here in arizona, no fall days for us!  true, it is fall, but we do not get the autumnal colors that sweep across the rest of the country.  i'm so glad that i was able to get a glimpse of autumn last weekend and capture so many great colors.  

so miss these faces too.  little miss has grown oh so much since the last time i was able to see her.

happy autumn!

i miss murfreesboro!

murfreesboro is such a special place . . . i loved living there, oh so much.  don't get me wrong, the actual town doesn't have a lot to offer in and of itself.  however, the people make the town.  i have never lived in a place with so many truly caring, loving, joyful, kind, and gentle people.  this family epitomizes murfreesboro, from their spirit to their southern drawl . . . oh how i miss them all.  

Saturday, October 30, 2010

on the square. . .

we had such a great time taking photos last weekend on the town square.  we could not have asked for better weather and the fall leaves were gorgeous.  i was fortunate enough to be able to take pictures of the amazing teacher each of our boys had for kindergarten and her entire family.  i thoroughly enjoyed meeting each one of them.  although we are saddened that we had to move and were not able to have our daughter in her class this year, we are blessed for the two years we did have with her.  she is an absolutely amazing teacher and person.
thank you for blessing our lives with you!  

best kindergarten teacher EVER!!!