Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Home of The Red Rocks!

If you ever get an opportunity to go to Sedona, you should!  It is absolutely breath-taking; as you drive up through the high desert, you see just a normal desert topography.  Then, you drive around a mountain and see all these red rock jutting up from the ground!  The are so majestic and like a little oasis in the middle of no where.  We went up for a VERY quick trip yesterday (just drove up to have lunch with my aunt, uncle and cousin).  I would have loved to have been able to stay longer and click, click, click away, but it did not fit into our extremely tight schedule. of beating the Phoenix rush hour  We'll be back though!  This is what my aunt and uncle get to see every morning.  I took this standing on their driveway!

Don't you feel so sorry for them??? : )

These little guys were growing in their back yard:

Found this guy hanging out too:

He was hanging out amongst these:

I took this guy back home with me!  I just LOVE this face!!!  So truly blessed!

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