Thursday, July 28, 2011

. . . b/w conversion

i made my first action!  it has taken me so long to get a b/w that looks the way I would like it to look, with dark chocolate on the black and a creamy vanilla on the white, that I played around a little and made my own action . . . 


opened in RAW and made a few adjustments:

ran one of my favorite actions of all time (Catherine Halsey's Fog Lift and Edge Burn):

used the ruler tool to draw a line across the sofa arm and rotated it with an arbitrary rotation:


sharpened her eyes:

ran my actions, here are a few examples:

i'd love to hear what you think!  and, i'm happy to send you the action {for photoshop} as a gift, as long as you show the results on your blog with a link back to mine showing where you got it.  just leave a comment, which sends me a message and i'll get it emailed to you.  



Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ahhhhh. . . floridahhhhh . . .

well, we've moved again and we are all praying that it will be the last move for some time.  we are now in florida, in the tampa bay area.  i am so excited to get to live this close to the ocean and experience all it has to offer.  here are a few snapshots from our fist walk along the beach.

enjoy today