Friday, May 21, 2010

Warning! Warning! Warning!

Viewer, beware!  There are some pictures of an extraordinary precious girl ahead!

Could you just eat her up, or what!?!?!
I warned you!

This little girl, whom I only met yesterday, has a special place in my heart and doesn't even know it!  You see, about 15 months ago I had a miscarriage and we lost our 4th little blessing to heaven before we even had a chance to meet.  One morning, a few days ago, I was lying in bed thinking that if our baby had made it to term, with a healthy delivery, our little blessing would have been about 9 months old.  Then, later that day, yes the same day, I get an email for a photo shoot for this little girl who is, yes 9 months old.  The time with this little girl was a little gift for me to enjoy a little bit of the blessing that was removed from our lives before I wished.  The Lord is good!  Thank you for sharing your daughter with me, if only for an hour or so, she is so precious. : )


  1. I have goose bumps all over my body. What a doll! Great shots Karie. I bet the mom is thrilled!

  2. Seriously. I can not even take the cuteness. DOLL baby for sure!

  3. Gifted photographer, blessed mom & dad, and beautiful, Gift of God in that precious one! I'm claiming her as my "pretend grandchild".....